Measuring Weed – Learn About Grams, Ounces, and Pounds

Measuring Weed – Learn About Grams, Ounces, and Pounds

Measuring weed has definitely changed over the past few decades, but it has always been important to determine the quantity of your cannabis strain before putting it in the proper storage container. Also, it is good to check the weight after leaving a legal cannabis dispensary to see if you received what you paid for.

Units of Measurement for Weed

When measuring weed, it’s vital to understand your scales. Marijuana is measured in both metric and imperial scales: grams; then ounces and pounds. These terms come up in almost every marijuana conversation and transaction, so it’s good to have a firm understanding of them.

Small amounts of weed are measured in grams, while bigger amounts are weighed in ounces and pounds. Here’s a quick rundown of the units of measurements for weed, followed by those quantities’ accepted names.

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