Apple mintz


Indica dominant hybrid

THC: 25.0%

Very low CBD levels

Incredibly uplifting.

1 PACK: 3.5 GRAMS ( 1/8th OZ )



Buy Apple Mintz Backpack Boyz weed online with delivery

Apple Mintz by backpack Boyz is a cannabis product currently only available in flower. Created by crossing Apple Fritter with Kush Mints by clearwater Genetics, and grown by Backpack Boyz.

Beautiful all-around hugs that smell like such a great balance between sweet and cool/smooth. Taste is insanely good and definitely resembles an apple fritter fresh out the frier, of course with hints of fuel and coolness from the kush mints.

Effects: Incredibly uplifting initially with an onset couch-lock effect, best for a nightcap. Also, see apricot gelato

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