Cookies Glow Tray


Technical specifications:

6 hours Battery 1800 mAh

Multifunction button

USB-C port

Charging Cable high Compacità

PCB high strength (for a longer duration)



Buy Cookies Glow Tray Online These elegant trays light up in various colors and can really brighten up the room and the mood.B

With a battery life of 6 hours 1800 mAh, these rotating trays LEDs last a lifetime and you can upload them easily via the cable USB charging high-speed included.Buy Cookies Glow Tray Online

The tray GlowTray X Cookies is perfect at any time of day or night. Your friends will go crazy when they see this bright tray. Whether you use it to roll, that to eat snakes, new limited edition will help you see what you are doing, without annoying your friends turning on the lights during a movie.
Now with a push of the button you can have more than 6 hours of light thanks to the 1800 mAh battery.
Available in Blue, White, Red etc.Buy Cookies Glow Tray Online

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1 Tray, 10 Trays, 2 Trays, 5 Trays

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