Lemonade TangEray


Potency: THC 24% – 28%

Effects:  Energetic, Uplifted, Happy, Relaxed, Focus.

Medical Treatment: Depression, Insomnia, Pain, Headaches, Lack of Appetite.


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Lemonade TangEray by Lemonnade is a Sativa blast of citrus that was bred by Cookies Fam from Growing Passion’s Lemonnade project. Lemonade TangEray thc level can go as high as 30% – 35% hence exhibiting tangy aromas and flavors leaving you high and passed out. Lemonade TangEray strain is likely a cross of Catus Cooler and the famous Lemonnade strain with something a bit more piney offering happy, creative, and uplifted feelings. Buy Lemonade TangEray Strain Online with a big discount on bulk orders and get a free coupon too.

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TangEray Lemonade Strain is recommended for anyone that loves citrus strains regardless of genetics. With little information known about the strain, it offers a lip-smackingly good flavor that’s followed by a soaring daytime high. Buy TangEray Lemonade Strain that is ideal for wake and bake enthusiasts, as Lemonade tends to make consumers feel energetic and motivated. TangEray Lemonade For Sale Online by Exotic Cannabuds at a cheap and affordable price. TangEray Lemonade is recommended for medical patients suffering from depression, anxiety, lack of appetite & migraines. Or Lemonade TangEray Online from the #1 online dispensary and get the best delivery services.
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